Armed Intruder Emergency Service


Eligibility for Church Mutual’s PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service requires an up-to-date and active CM Sensor® kit. If your organization is not already enrolled in the CM Sensor program, a water and temperature sensor kit will be sent with your PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service device. Click here to learn more about the CM Sensor 24/7 Temperature and Water Alert System.

NOTE: After you set up your device, there will be a hold period of 48 hours before it will be considered "active" and capable of notifying police. If you pull the tab on your device during this hold period, local law enforcement WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED.

During the 48-hour hold period, please contact your local police station to register the device, obtain any necessary alarm permits and confirm your property address for emergency dispatch. Often, an alarm permit can be applied for online and may include a user fee.

Contact information listed below must be for your organization's "main property contact" that has received and connected your organization's CM Sensor kit.

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