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Look below to see what our customers have to say about the CM Sensor® program and the peace of mind having 24/7 monitoring and alert services provides!

If you haven't already enrolled in the program, consider joining the thousands of Church Mutual customers who have an active CM Sensor kit monitoring their facility around the clock for the presence of water and extreme temperatures.

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Faith Community Church
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Mazeppa United Methodist Church

Mazeppa United Methodist Church
Mazeppa, MN

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A church in Toulon, Illinois, enrolled in the sensor program because of past issues with water leaking into the church basement. A contact from the church received a CM Sensor alert informing him that the temperature was dropping, and the facility's pipes were in danger of freezing. The contact had time to go to the church and turn up the thermostat, avoiding costly damage. This is the second time the sensor alerts have notified the contact about potential water-related threats, saving the congregation from costly disruptions to their ministry.

A broken toilet handle could have caused more than $16,000 in damages and repairs at a Frankton, Indiana, church. Fortunately, the church was enrolled in the CM Sensor program, and the kit was installed and activated! As water continued to overflow from the malfunctioning toilet, the water sensor sent an automatic alert to the primary contact from the church. Without this real-time warning, the church could have had to postpone services and spend time and money cleaning up the mess.

A congregation in West Salem, Ohio, is grateful for the CM Sensor technology since a water alert prevented its church from sustaining major damages during heavy rains. Not only did the church's sensor contact discover a water leak in the room where the sensor was installed, he also discovered a second water leak nearby.

A tree almost caused a huge headache at the local Baptist church in Falls City, Nebraska, when a root penetrated a pipe line, causing a sewage backup. Had it not been for the installed water sensor triggering an alert, the staff would not have discovered the backup, and the church would have suffered considerable damage.

A basement flood triggered a sensor alert after a sump pump was accidently switched off at a church in New Jersey. The customer arrived at the facility in time to turn the sump pump back on and clean up the water, avoiding major damages.

A level 4 alert for a synagogue in Virginia warned a customer of an unknown pipe leak in their boiler room with no obvious origin. A plumber was called to investigate and the customer was grateful the leak was discovered before more damage could occur.

A New York church received their second sensor alert in four months when the church secretary turned off the heat due to a day of warm weather. The temperature in the building dropped below 44 degrees during the night, triggering the alert. The customer turned the heat back on, avoiding a potential pipe burst.

A failing water heater at a Rhode Island church caused water to leak into the boiler room. The customer received the level 4 alert and cleaned up the water before any property damage could be sustained. The customer was very impressed with the sensor technology especially because he had only installed the device a short time before the alert went off.

Strong winds in Massachusetts caused a basement window to blow open, allowing the frigid winter air to drop the temperature of the pipes to a dangerous level. The Church Mutual sensors picked up on the temperature change and alerted the customer. The customer was able to get to the facility and close the windows before a pipe could burst and cause serious damage.

A helpful Wisconsin churchgoer opened the church doors to get a gas smell out of the air. Unfortunately, the churchgoer forgot to close all the doors and the temperature dropped dramatically, causing the pipes to get cold. A sensor alert to the customer prevented this helpful gesture from becoming an unhelpful disruption.

Area flood waters seeping into a South Carolina church basement activated a level 4 sensor alert, giving our customer enough time to get to the church before serious damage was done.

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