Armed Intruder Emergency Service


Armed intruder attacks continue to occur in the United States with alarming frequency. These attacks can happen anywhere at any time, typically with little or no warning; any of Church Mutual's policyholders could be impacted.

To help you protect your people and organization, we've developed a new PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service for eligible customers* with active CM Sensor® kits.

This service includes an intuitive pull-tab device that immediately notifies local law enforcement in the event of an armed intruder situation. As a valued Church Mutual policyholder, we are offering this important service and device FREE OF CHARGE!


24/7 Local Law Enforcement Notification
Activation of the system’s device – connected wirelessly to an active CM Sensor kit – ensures a 24/7 ability to notify law enforcement of an armed intruder situation at your property within seconds.

Integrated Test Mode
Verifies the system’s device is activated and working properly.

Easy Installation
The system’s device can be attached to a variety of surfaces – pulpits, walls, podiums, underneath a table, etc. – inside your building. Tools, drilling or professional installation WILL NOT BE REQUIRED.

Church Mutual’s PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service
provides greater peace of mind for your organization, adding proactive
support to your existing emergency response program.

SIGN UP NOW to join the priority list

Policyholders that sign up on the priority list, but are not eligible for Church Mutual's PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service will be placed on a wait list.


If you have additional questions or need help,
please call (888) 531-4310 for live support and assistance.

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