Increase Security at Camp

People tend to believe they can live comfortably in a world free of violence, vandalism and trouble—and, in most cases, they’re right. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking measures to reduce the potential for trouble at camp.

Camp Security Opportunities

You are responsible for the safety and security of every person that steps foot on your property. Here are some important security opportunities.

  • Remove labeled maps of your camp from public view. Publishing details of cabin locations, dining halls, playing fields, key entrances, etc. on public websites makes it incredibly easy for someone to plan a coordinated attack.

  • Evaluate (or develop) a key tracking system. You should always know who has keys at any given time. If you’ve lost track over the years, it’s time to replace all locks and get a fresh start.

  • Develop and test multiple mechanisms for alerting campers/staff during a security crisis. Quick and clear communication is even more critical when people are spread over a wide outdoor space.

  • Ensure all weapons (rifles, bows, axes, etc.) are secured after each use.

  • Ask local law enforcement to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of the camp. On top of providing you with practical, well-informed suggestions, they’ll also gain familiarity with your camp premises.

  • Determine whether gating main entrance(s) will increase security. Ensure first responders can still gain access if gating is used.

  • Openly and frequently encourage all campers, staff and community members to share details of any perceived or outright threats against the camp. Share all reports with local law enforcement.

  • Consider the use of security technology (security cameras, trail cams, alarms, etc.) at key locations on the grounds that can be remotely monitored.

Additional Training Opportunities for Armed Intruders

Preparation and planning can empower organizations to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. Church Mutual has partnered with industry experts ALICE Training Institute and Secure Education Consultants (SEC) to help you develop plans and procedures to keep your people safe before, during and after a violent attack.

Visit our Armed Intruder Preparedness page to access:

  • Security assessment addressing 50 key criteria.

  • Planning checklists.

  • Tabletop drills and evaluation tools.

For additional safety or risk management questions, contact Church Mutual’s Risk Control Central at (800) 554-2642, ext. 5213, or email

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