Security and Crime Prevention

Security and Crime Prevention

You strive to make your organization a safe haven for those you serve. But, crime can strike at any time, leaving lasting scars and shaking your people's trust.

Helping you protect your people and property from criminal acts is also a top priority for us. We've assembled valuable information and resources that can help you reduce your risks and deter the threat of crime, so you can stay focused on your mission.

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    Learn more about these pressing security issues facing organizations today.

    Armed Intruder

Gain insight on keeping your people and organization safe with the following security and crime prevention resources.

Use the materials below to assess your organization's strengths and weaknesses related to safety and crime prevention.

Protective services to reinforce your safety efforts

Church Mutual has partnered with the following organizations to provide industry-leading services. From active assailant training and crisis management to cybersecurity coverage and pre-employment screening, we've got you covered.

Trusted Employees

PULL FOR POLICE™ Armed Intruder Emergency Service

Armed intruder attacks can happen anywhere at any time, typically with little or no warning.

In response, we've developed the PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service. This NEW program includes a responsive device that connects to an active CM Sensor® kit and notifies local law enforcement of an armed intruder situation within seconds of being pulled.

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