Managing Your Camp in a Digital World

In today’s world technology is a constant part of our lives. We eat, sleep, and check social media. Sites like Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, and twitter have us connected more than ever before. Camps are among the many who are increasing their social media presence. Many choose to use this platform as a marketing technique to attract attention to their organization. Some parents enjoy seeing daily posts about what their kids are doing at camp. We’ve also seen it used as a way for campers to keep in touch and interact with one another once they return home. They create face book or other groups to stay in contact. Although these are all positive things, there can also be negative repercussions of social media. There’s potential it could lead to harm to a camper, illegal exposure to the camp or a staff member, or damage to the camps brand, reputation, and credibility. For these reasons it can be difficult for camps to determine where to draw the line when it comes to technology.

In order to protect themselves every organization needs to have best practices in place around social media. It is essential to establish rules and guidelines that address the following:

  • Rules for communicating with minors via social media.

  • Tagging minors in photos on social media.

  • Who will have access to media accounts and how will access be restricted?

  • Who will be approving the content that is published?

  • Before posting photographs/content ensure there are no trademark concerns

  • Sharing personal information that could violate HIPAA or other legal acts

  • Letting individuals know when their information is being used and obtaining consent to do so

  • Determine how long the signed consent form will be valid for

The information outlined above should be posted in your social media policy. Every camp is different, therefor your camps social media policy should be personal to your organization, and reflect your mission. It should be evaluated and adjusted frequently to keep up with changes in technology and the digital world. Your consent forms and social media policy should also be reviewed by your legal counsel. This will ensure that your information is compliant with state and local laws, and verify there is no ambiguity.

Your social media policy should then be shared with campers, parents, and guardians. You should provide training that is aligned with the written policy to your staff to ensure consistency among all users.

Having a social media policy in place is an essential step in protecting your organization.

Keep your camp safe from liability by posting clear rules guidelines.

Church Mutual has several sample documents surrounding social media policies and best practices including: a sample photo release form, a wireless internet use policy, and a sample social and digital media code of conduct. Click here to view these sample forms.

We’re here to help! For additional questions, contact Church Mutual Insurance Company’s Risk Control Central.

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