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Church Mutual is always adding to our library of safety materials for camps, sports and outdoor recreation. The materials shown below are all available to our customers at no charge.

Some of our other safety materials also are appropriate for camps, sports and outdoor recreation, so feel free to browse the various areas of our Safety Resources library using the links in the gray bar to the left.

To review the safety materials available just for camps, sports and outdoor recreation, click a link below.

Featured Resources


Trusted Employees Background Checks

Trusted Employees offers premier-level, web-based background checking tools that will help you easily and effectively check both employees and volunteers, at a substantially reduced price. More »

Swimmer Safety Program

Our Swimmer Safety Program involves screening all swimmers before they spend any extended period of time in the water. To help you determine their abilities, we have developed two-part swim evaluations for both intermediate and qualified skill levels. Individuals who are unable to demonstrate intermediate abilities are certified as nonswimmers. More »

Swim Bands

Evaluation forms, guidelines and color-coded wristbands to ensure your swimming activities are fun, exciting and safe for all participants. Church Mutual's swimmer bands are available to our customers only at no cost.

Number of green bands 
Number of yellow bands 
Number of red bands 
Include swimmer evaluation sheets (one per swimmer)?
Yes No

Include laminated guidelines for supervisors?
Yes No

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Allergy Bands

Church Mutual is committed to helping you create a safe, secure environment for your people. That includes paying close attention to allergies and allergic reactions.

Help keep everyone safe with these fun, easily identifiable allergy wristbands! Order your bands and take the first step in promoting safety. Bands must be ordered in increments of 24. Church Mutual's allergy bands are a life-saving tool available to our customers only at no cost.

Due to the weight of the material, we ship only in the United States. Please allow up to 2 weeks for customer allergy band orders to be delivered.

Bee Sting Allergy
Dairy Allergy
Peanut Allergy
Seafood Allergy
Tree Nut Allergy
Universal Allergy

Common Risks for Camps, Sports and Outdoor Recreation

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