Swimmer Safety Program

Our Swimmer Safety Program involves screening all swimmers before they spend any extended period of time in the water. To help you determine their abilities, we have developed two-part swim evaluations for both intermediate and qualified skill levels. Individuals who are unable to demonstrate intermediate abilities are certified as nonswimmers.

The Swimmer Safety Program is available to customers at no cost. It contains:

  • Evaluation Forms to fill out for each swimmer, noting what tests were passed and what color wristband was issued to the individual.
  • Guidelines for lifeguards and supervisors that fully explain the tests you use to establish skill levels.

Imagine looking out over your swim area and immediately spotting the skill levels of the people in the water. Supervisors and lifeguards will quickly be able to spot when someone with a red wristband has entered the water or when somebody with a yellow wristband has decided to swim in water over his or her head.

  • Color-coded wristbands issued to swimmers, who are required to wear them at all times. Red is for nonswimmers and anyone under the age of seven. Yellow is for intermediate swimmers, who are not allowed in water above their shoulders. Green is for qualified swimmers, who have access to all swim areas.

Drowning remains a leading cause of accidental deaths among children in the United States. Over a recent ten-year period, 51 Church Mutual customers drowned.

We've learned that the primary key to water safety is proper supervision. A large part of that job is knowing the abilities of the people in the water.

Order your Swimmer Safety wristbands today and take the first step in making your waters safer. Typically, users divide their wristband order by 50 percent green, 25 percent yellow, and 25 percent red. However, you can specify the amounts you prefer in the order form below.

Due to the weight of the material, we ship only in the United States.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for customer swimmer band orders to be delivered.

Swim Bands

Evaluation forms, guidelines and color-coded wristbands to ensure your swimming activities are fun, exciting and safe for all participants. Church Mutual’s swimmer bands are available to our customers only at no cost.

Number of green bands 
Number of yellow bands 
Number of red bands 

Include swimmer evaluation sheets (one per swimmer)?
Yes No

Include laminated guidelines for supervisors?
Yes No

Brochures and Checklists

Water Safety Swimming-RC-CM0507-2021 06.pdf

Water Safety - Swimming

While swimming is a refreshing and fun activity, it also can lead to injury or death. Any organization that plans a swimming event or maintains a swimming area should take every precaution to protect both children and adults.

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Water Safety Boating-RC-CM0505-2021 06.pdf

Water Safety – Boating

A beautiful day on a boat can make for a great outing. There are plenty of dangers associated with watercraft, however, that can turn your carefree day into a liability for your organization.

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CM0481-2021 06-RC-Water Safety Assessment.pdf

Water Safety Assessment

When you’re around water, you should take every precaution to keep both adults and children safe. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk exposure and keep your people safe. Is your organization prepared?

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Swimmer Safety-RC-CM0433-2020 09.pdf 

Keep Your Swimmers Safe 

Different children have different levels of skill in the water, and as a camp leader, you should be prepared to meet them at their level.

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