Don't let a disaster spoil your meal

You hate to think about it, but do you know what your camp or conference center would do if a fire or other disaster significantly damaged your dining hall? 

It’s critical for camp management to think through what-if situations that allow your facility to operate despite a setback. A solid plan will help you keep your camp running, maintain your ability to store and cook food and serve meals according to acceptable health standards.

These what-if discussion questions will help your staff members put a workable plan in place, keep things running and put food on the table for hungry campers, guests and employees:

  • What other onsite building could be used as a temporary food prep and dining facility?
  • Can a temporary structure, such as a large meeting-type tent, serve as a dining facility?
  • Will the temporary building or structure have adequate plumbing and electrical services to meet demands for storing, prepping and serving food? 
  • Do local building/food inspectors need to review and approve the temporary facility before it can be used?
  • How will dishes, glasses, pots and pans and other cookware be cleaned/sanitized and stored between uses?
  • How will food and food prep areas be protected from animals and insects that might get into the dining area?
  • Are nearby suppliers or food markets readily available to quickly restock damaged or spoiled food items?
  • Where can you get refrigeration equipment on short notice? Can a refrigerated trailer be used? Are appliance rentals available?
  • How will you continue to accommodate the needs of people who have food allergies or special dietary needs?
  • Do you have a backup source in place in case of a power outage?
  • Do you know how to file a claim with your insurance carrier and arrange for the repair, salvage, clean up or rebuild processes?
  • How will parents and guardians of young campers be notified about the disaster and subsequent operational plan?
  • Who will handle media inquiries? Who will do interviews with the media?
  • How will you communicate the situation on social media sites you might use?

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