Risk Alerts

Preventing Injuries to Clergy

Every year, Church Mutual customers report more than 4,000 injuries to their employees. One occupation needing specific risk management attention is clergy.

Employees in this category include ministers, pastors, rabbis and worship leaders. Past claims provide insight into key safety issues to help prevent similar injuries. Use the following guidelines to help evaluate, develop and implement good risk management practices and procedures for clergy:

Slips, Trips and Falls on Level Surfaces

  • Maintain clean walking surfaces and aisles to help eliminate slip-and-fall exposures.
  • Make housekeeping a priority in the entire building.
  • Avoid routing power cords or sound system lines across walking surfaces. Tape down temporary cords.
  • Require all employees to wear slip-resistant footwear.

Slips, Trips and Falls on Stairs or Steps

  • Keep steps and handrails in good condition. Always use handrails.
  • Maintain adequate lighting on stairways, steps and landing areas.
  • Arrange seasonal decorations and flowers so they do not obscure steps.
  • Use a step stool or ladder to reach overhead items.

Twisting Strains

  • Provide safety training about controlling back injury exposures.
  • Arrange work areas so materials are within convenient reaching or lifting distances.
  • Provide chairs, workstations and other office equipment with adjustable options and controls.
  • Get assistance when placing heavy items into or removing them from motor vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Establish a written safety program to reinforce responsibilities of all drivers.
  • Make seat belt use mandatory.
  • Stress attentive driving habits. Do not allow eating or cell phone use while operating a vehicle.
  • Perform scheduled preventive maintenance on all owned vehicles.

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