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Protecting the beauty of stained glass windows

Light passes through its delicately colored panes and beautifies the house of worship. Stained glass windows are an essential part of the appearance for a worship center. Yet all it takes is one rock from a mischievous child or a lawn mower or one severe storm to put a hole in the stained glass if there is no protection.

Limit damage from vandalism, theft and severe weather

The type of protection needed for stained glass windows will depend on the type and size of the window and the building’s location and climate. The various types of protection include wire mesh, float glass, polycarbonates, laminated glass, tempered glass and laminated tempered glass. Consult with a professional to decide which protective option is the best fit.

The glass or plastic coverings must be installed properly to do their job. The protective covering must be sensitive to the architectural style and shape of the stained glass. When hiring a professional to install these protective coverings, it is important to install a venting system for the covering to prevent a buildup of heat and moisture.

Have permanent protection

Take the proper steps to protect your religious institution’s stained glass windows:

  • Consult with glass specialists to determine the protection necessary in your location and climate.
  • Obtain multiple quotes for prices of the protective coverings.
  • Always ask the glass specialist for references.
  • Check the windows monthly for signs of moisture, warping or other damage.


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