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Parking lots are more than just first impressions

It is the first thing that attendees at your religious institution see and the last thing with which they will come in contact before they leave. For that reason alone, it is important to keep your parking lot and sidewalks in good condition. Still, far more than first impressions, parking lot and sidewalk maintenance is an important part of your overall safety plan. Slips, trips and falls account for approximately 50% of all injuries each year. Whether it is slipping on ice or tripping in a pothole, parking lots and sidewalks are among the most prevalent places for injuries to your attendees.

  • Recently, a woman in Michigan was walking to her car when she slipped on ice that had not been covered by sand or salt and broke her ankle.
  • A man in New York was walking to a morning service when he tripped over a speed bump that was not clearly marked, injuring his back.

From ice to cracks and debris, proper maintenance is key

Take the proper steps to keep the grounds clean, attractive and safe.

  • Clear snow/ice - Whenever snow accumulates, immediately clear the snow and ice. Melt the ice with an ice melt throw or, at minimum, use a sand-based cover.
  • Walk through lot - Before services or events, have ushers or volunteers walk through the parking lot, looking for potential hazards, such as loose debris, water or ice.
  • Sweep it up - Keep the parking lot and the sidewalk swept of sand and other potential slip hazards in the spring and summertime. This will also help keep your lot clean and attractive.
  • Check for cracks - Routinely check the parking lot and sidewalks for cracks and other imperfections. Immediately take steps to fix any problems. If cracks and imperfections are discovered early, applying a rubberized sealant can cost as little as 5 cents per square foot and can extend the life of a parking lot by seven years.
  • Keep painted lines visible - Keep painted parking space lines, crosswalks and change in elevation lines maintained. Recoat faded or chipped painted areas.
  • Drive-up area - Have a drive-up area close to the main doors for those that have difficulty walking on uneven and slippery surfaces.

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