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Church Mutual has partnered with Catstrap to provide discounts on products that deter theft of catalytic converters. 


CATSTRAP: Physical Cutting Barrier

Catstrap protects the catalytic converter by attaching along a section of the exhaust pipe, adhered by a heat-activated bond. It features an extremely difficult-to-cut design:

  • Turns a normal 60-second theft into a struggle that overwhelms thieves and prevents you from being an easy target.
  • Custom-hardened band steel (55 Rockwell C Hardness) dulls the teeth of the thieves’ cutting blade: 5X harder than stainless steel.
  • Aircraft-grade steel cables slide back and forth on band steel to create a moving target the cutting blade cannot grip.
  • Heat-activated adhesive backing (black-side), exhaust clamps and steel ties are used for multi-layer attachment strategy, forcing thieves to cut the strap to remove the converter.
  • Available in 7-foot and 12-foot lengths 

Cateye Alarm

This alarm features a smart PIR motion sensor detects human activity and activates a 130 decibel Alarm after 5 seconds of sustained motion underneath the vehicle

  • Ear-piercing noise physically disorients thieves and drives them out due to discomfort.
  • Compliments the Catstrap to deter converter theft.
  • Key fob manual activation or automatic options available.

Universal Design

Catstrap and Cateye fit on any vehicle thanks to their a low-profile, flexible, lightweight design. They require minimal space clearance and are flexible enough to follow contours. The Catstrap is available in 7-foot and 12-foot lengths.

*Installation (~0.5hr for Catstrap only, ~1hr per truck for strap+alarm bundle).

How the system works:

The Catstrap contains custom-hardened band steel (55 C Rockwell Hardness) and multiple aircraft-grade stainless steel cables hidden within a high temperature casing that attaches to the catalytic converter/exhaust system. This design makes it extremely difficult to cut, forces a thief to cut through the strap and increases the potential for saw blade wear/failure.

Pricing and Discount

Our partnership with Catstrap gives Church Mutual policyholders a 20% discount on the 7-foot and 12-foot straps and a $32 flat discount on all other products.



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7’ Catstrap w/o Alarm




12’ Catstrap w/o Alarm




Cateye Electronic Alarm




RV Max Protect Kit




7’ Catstrap and Alarm Bundle




12’ Catstrap and Alarm Bundle




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