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Trunk-or-treat events can be a safer alternative to trick-or-treating for children in your community. This is done by creating an environment that limits hazards and provides adequate supervision for youth.

There are generally two basic parts to a trunk-or-treating event. The first part of the event is decorating the trunk of a vehicle to personalize or match a theme. There are many organizations that ask participants to not use scary items during this event to make it suitable for all ages. The second part of the event is the treat, in which participants go from vehicle-to-vehicle for candy and other treats rather than door-to-door. This popular event has created a new way for organizations to reach out to their community with a positive message and get all ages involved in their ministry.

Event Safety Tips:

  • Designate specific areas for vehicles to park and for other activities taking place at your event. (Use volunteers to direct traffic)
  • Schedule a time prior to the event for decorated vehicles to arrive. This will help prevent children from being around moving vehicles.
  • Ensure all participants shut off their vehicle during the event and ensure emergency brakes are engaged.
  • Inspect the area for tripping hazards such as cracks, potholes, unmarked curbs, and lack of lighting prior to hosting the event.
  • Consider hosting during the day to help identify possible hazards.

Participant Safety Tips:

  • Children should always have parental supervision.
  • Many children have food allergies, so treats with nuts, peanut butter, or diary should be identified.
  • Only allow prepackaged treats and have parents inspect them.
  • Encourage parents to supply costumes that properly fit to avoid tripping hazards and are clearly visible.
  • Keep participants within the designated boundaries of the event.

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