Directors and Officers

Board of Directors

Allen L. Leverett, Chairman
John (Jay) B. Williams, Vice Chairman
Judith P. Greffin
Marsha A. Lindsay
David F. Pauly
Richard V. Poirier
Michael E. Ravn
Gregory A. Smith
Lori A. Weyers
Walter H. White Jr.


Richard V. Poirier, JD
President and CEO

Kevin D. Root, CPA
Executive Vice President — Operations

Steven C. Rominske, FCAS, CERA, MAAA, AU, CPCU
Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer

Angela K. Bailey, SPHR
Vice President — Human Resources

Kurtis L. Brandau
Vice President – CM Select

Robert M. Buckley, CPCU, CIC
Vice President — Corporate Research and Chief Strategy Officer

Edward W. Hancock
Vice President — Chief Underwriting Officer

Roy E. Jacobs, III
Vice President — Broker Distribution

Dawn R. Lemke, JD, CPCU
Vice President — Assistant General Counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer

Scott M. Names, CPCU
Vice President — Chief Information Officer and Integration Officer

Alan S. Ogilvie
Vice President — CM Vantage

Scott W. Steele
Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer

Michael M. Smith, JD
Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Jeffrey D. Steffen, CPA
Vice President — Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey R. Szalacinski
Vice President — Claims

John R. Tribble, MBA, CPCU, CCLA
Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer – CM Regent Insurance Company

Herman W. Vandenberg, CPA
Vice President — Treasurer/Corporate Controller

Breigh R. Voigt, CISR
Vice President — Commercial Operations

Robert A. White, CIC, ARM, AAI, ARe
Vice President – CM Regent

Rodney M. Flanders, CPCU, CLU, ARM, CEBS
Assistant Vice President – Learning and Development

Todd Griffith, CPCU
Assistant Vice President – Broker Underwriting

Craig S. Huss, CISSP, ISA
Assistant Vice President – IT and Chief Information Security Officer

Peter J. Mahler, CPCU, ARM-E, ARM, AU, AIS
Assistant Vice President – Direct Underwriting

Randall W. Oja, FCAS, MAAA
Assistant Vice President — Senior Actuary

Janet L. Selnes, CIC, CRM, CPCU
Assistant Vice President – Broker Distribution

Guy A. Russ, CPCU
Assistant Vice President — Risk Control

Richard J. Schaber, CPCU, CRM, CIC
Assistant Vice President — Direct Sales

Sandra M. Woller, CPCU
Assistant Vice President — Chief Compliance Officer

Cynthia M. Brandt, CPCU, AINS, AIS
Assistant Corporate Secretary

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