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CM CARES, the Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation, is carefully reviewing all qualified requests for funding. Due to the high volume of requests, it will take some time to respond. Thank you for your patience as we complete this important step. If your request for funding is granted, the Foundation will notify you directly. Until then, we wish you the very best as your organization continues to fulfill its mission while coping with the pandemic.


Funding requests on hold

Due to tremendous response, we are no longer accepting applications for our COVID-19 Protecting the Greater Good Recovery Fund while we review the applications already received. If funding is still available following our review of applications, we may reopen the fund to further applications.

We understand your concern that we are no longer accepting donation requests. As you are experiencing, the need for assistance is significant across the U.S. The response to our Fund was both quick and immense.

We hope you understand that we are helping as many as we can through these troubled times. The Fund received the maximum amount of requests within hours of the announcement, and rather than continue to accept requests until we have had a chance to review those that we received, we stopped the request acceptance process.


The COVID-19 global health crisis has taken a heavy toll on communities throughout the United States. The impact has resulted in more Americans than ever in need of assistance. During this difficult time, Church Mutual is stepping up and offering financial support to help the communities where we live and do business.

CM CARES®, the Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation, has established a $500,000 “COVID-19 Protecting the Greater Good Recovery Fund.” The Fund offers financial support to help meet the essential needs provided by nonprofit, 501c3 organizations that have experienced increased demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A list of eligible organizations is included below.

To request a donation:
We are inviting eligible nonprofit organizations to submit a request for a donation through the COVID-19 Protecting the Greater Good Recovery Fund. To submit a request, simply download, complete and submit a CM CARES donation request form. Please include any additional information that may help us during the review period. Due to the anticipated need, we are accepting requests for up to $2,500.

Funding is intended to help qualified organizations meet specific essential needs of those impacted by COVID-19.

We also ask that you help us get the word out about this opportunity. If you know of an eligible organization in your community that is struggling in this uncertain time, feel free to share the link with them.

Funds are finite:
The Foundation will accept and review requests on a first-come, first-considered basis. Please keep in mind the COVID-19 Protecting the Greater Good Fund is finite. Once the fund has depleted its budget, no more requests will be considered.

Fund distribution timing:
This is an unprecedented situation – an initiative of this scale has never been done before by CM CARES. We do not know how long it will take to process the requests and distribute the funds. We will respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

Who is eligible:
U.S.-based 501c3 organizations supporting the following programs:

  • Food banks/pantries/delivery – programs that support feeding those in need.

  • Elder care – programs that support our elderly.

  • Medical needs – programs that serve vulnerable populations most affected by the virus’ spread and the associated impact.

  • Mental health – programs that address the emotional toll of the pandemic.

  • Homelessness – programs that help meet the food and hygiene needs of homeless shelters.

  • Child and domestic abuse – programs that provide support for those suffering from abuse.

CM CARES, the Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation, provides financial support to 501c3 organizations and activities that advance the human condition, in keeping with the company’s commitment to Protect the Greater Good.®


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