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Every year, Church Mutual customers are affected by wildfires. These fires can start and spread quickly, resulting in dangerous conditions and damage to your property. However, with early detection and preventative measures, you can reduce your risk of wildfire-related losses.

That's why we've developed the CM Wildfire Solutions™ program: a no-cost, multi-faceted solution to keep you and your property safe from harm1.

Customers in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington with property coverage insuring a structure have CM Wildfire Solutions included in their policy.

Wildfire protection you can count on

Church Mutual is leveraging its years of experience and network of partnerships to take a multi-step approach to help protect you and your property from wildfires:


All organizations with CM Wildfire Solutions included in their policy will receive access to a 24/7 wildfire monitoring services through REDZONE, a leader in their industry1. This monitoring system sends an alert to those who are in the path of a wildfire, giving you time to prepare and evacuate. Customers will receive alerts via email.


If your organization is in a high-hazard area, you may be contacted by a member of Church Mutual's Risk Control team to schedule a visit to walk your grounds and receive wildfire prevention recommendations, such as removing brush and combustible materials, covering vents and more.


If wildfire danger is imminent and the situation allows, Church Mutual may arrange for a fire mitigation service to be sent to your location to help protect your property. If our wildfire experts determine that your organization is in the path of a wildfire, defense tactics by the fire mitigation service may include removing combustible items, such as outdoor furniture or dead tree limbs, and applying temporary sprinklers or fire-retardant gel to your organization's building and grounds2.

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    How are organizations selected for the CM Wildfire Solutions program?

    Organizations are selected based on their proximity to wildfire hazards. These wildfire hazards were assessed and determined by wildfire professionals who have extensive experience mitigating wildfire risk.

    How do these services coordinate with other emergency response services in my area?

    Our vendors work cooperatively with the authority in that jurisdiction and are used in conjunction with the federal, state and local fire agencies. Our partners are not first responders and any emergencies should be directed to 911. If prompted by the local authorities to evacuate, it is important that you follow their guidance.

    What are the qualifications of the wildfire defense service specialists?

    Our partners are staffed with professional wildfire personnel adhering to federal and state training regulations. All personnel are certified by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Wildfire Qualification Standard (310-1).

    How do I allow access to the wildfire specialists?

    If possible, please leave clear access for a 3-ton vehicle to enter your premises. Leave gates and fences unlocked to ensure easy access to your building. In the offseason, it is a good idea to make sure your address is clearly marked at all entry points.

    How does the gel work?

    The gel suffocates the fire by removing oxygen from the fuel. This gel also prevents the fire from rekindling, which reduces the possibility of property damage and increases safety. Once the wildfire threat has passed, the gel can be removed using a water hose or pressure washer.

    Will the gel damage my building or environment?

    No, the gel has been tested to the United States Forest Service Specifications 5100-306A and is nontoxic and non-corrosive. This gel is also phosphate and ammonia free.

    How do we remove the gel if it is applied to our building?

    If the gel is applied to your building, our partner will return to assist with removal. The gel can be easily removed by water and is environmentally friendly.

We’re here to help!

If you have additional questions related to the CM Wildfire Solutions program,
give us a call at (800) 554-2642, ext. 5213, or email

1 Eligibility requirements apply. CM Wildfire Solutions is available for eligible policyholders to help minimize the potential for loss in the event of a wildfire in areas that have high wildfire hazards. This service is only available in the states of CA, CO, OR and WA. This service is available to Church Mutual and CM Vantage™ policyholders in the states of CA, CO, OR and WA with a building exposure.

2 The application of fire retardant is one part of an overall wildfire mitigation plan and organizations should consult with public service organizations for more tips and information on wildfire mitigation. We cannot guarantee we will be able to access your property during a wildfire. We cannot guarantee the application of fire retardant will prevent or reduce damage of your property from a fire.

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