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Experience peace of mind with ALARM ALERT technology!

Alarm Alert

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a fire occurs in a structure every single minute of the day in the United States.1 Some of these fires are controlled or extinguished quickly, but many others wreak havoc and result in catastrophic loss of life and/or property.

Our solution? The ALARM ALERT Smoke Alarm Notification Service!

Available at NO COST to eligible Church Mutual customers, this service includes a simple device that detects the sound of a smoke alarm in your building and notifies you of a potential fire, allowing you to take appropriate action.



Key Features

  • Receive a notification if your ALARM ALERT device detects the sound of a smoke alarm in your building.

  • The device alerts a 24/7 monitoring center, as well as the primary user and emergency contacts for confirmation prior to dispatching local fire services.

  • No setup experience or professional installation necessary - the ALARM ALERT device mounts within 6" of an existing smoke alarm.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • An ALARM ALERT device is designed to recognize residential-type smoke detectors that are not centrally monitored.

  • ALARM ALERT devices must be paired with an active CM Sensor® SmartBase. Click here to learn more about our water and temperature sensor program.

Church Mutual's ALARM ALERT Smoke Alarm Notification Service
provides greater peace of mind for your organization, adding proactive
support to your existing fire preparedness and prevention efforts.


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