Foreign Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance

Through AIG WorldRisk®, religious organizations that sponsor international trips now can provide primary medical coverage to those individuals traveling as part of the mission trip.


  • A Religious Trip to Spain
    A U.S. religious organization plans a two-week trip to Spain for sightseeing purposes. The group has dinner at a local restaurant and several become ill.

    Solution: AIG WorldRisk® provides access to medical care and payment for medical bills for emergency treatment, less the deductible.
  • Traveling to Rome
    The church's auto is involved in an accident in Rome, Italy. Several of the church members are injured.

    Solution: AIG WorldRisk® pays medical bills for emergency treatment, less the deductible. Assistance services arrange the transfer of two seriously injured parishioners to a specialist trauma hospital for treatment. AIG WorldRisk® pays expenses and arranges for transportation/evacuation.

The limits:

  • $100,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Per Person, With a $1,000,000 Aggregate*
  • $25,000 Emergency Medical Expense ($100 Deductible)
  • $100,000 Medical Evacuation Expense Per Person
  • $25,000 Repatriation of Mortal Remains, Each Insured Person
  • $25,000 Emergency Family Travel
  • Pre-existing Conditions Are Excluded (Some Exceptions Might Apply)

*Diminishing Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits age 70 and over

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