Our Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose

Our mission, vision, values and purpose serve as pillars to our entire business. These statements help guide us in doing what is best for our customers, our company and our employees – today and into the future.

Our Mission

To protect those who serve and inspire others – bringing specialized insurance expertise and innovative solutions to purpose-driven organizations of all kinds.”

Our mission is our core purpose and focus. It provides the path we follow every day to reach where we want to be in the future.

We partner primarily with organizations that have a deep passion to serve and inspire others. Our mission emphasizes the value we bring to those organizations through our unique understanding of our markets and commitment to serving those who serve others.

Our Vision

To profitably grow our business while making a positive difference in the world.”

By following our mission, we can achieve our vision for the future. The work we do every day not only secures our own future, but also helps us, together with our customers, make a positive difference in the world.

Our Purpose

We serve a higher purpose to protect the greater good and elevate the human condition.”

Our purpose is our WHY. It’s the reason our company exists.

We carry on our founders’ beliefs that all organizations, regardless of size or status, deserve excellent protection.

We understand what we do is greater than ourselves.

We protect through our coverages, programs and innovation. We elevate the human condition through our commitment to supporting people; creating meaningful relationships; and respecting, believing in and helping others as they pursue their passion and purpose.

Our Values

Developed with input from our employees, our “Stand for Good” values define the culture that has made this company great for more than 120 years.

We recognize our customers are the company.”

We are powered by purpose.”

We act with honor.”

We are courageous and bold.”

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