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Exclusively for Church Mutual customers

When fully loaded, a passenger van is three times more likely to roll over than a normal passenger vehicle, due to the van’s high center of gravity and suspension system.

The Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) kit is designed to reduce the chance of rollover in 10-, 12- and 15-passenger vans. It is an addition for the rear leaf springs that helps improve vehicle stability and control.

These kits have been designed specifically for the type of vans typically used by congregations, camps, colleges and universities and are referred to as the "G" Series.


Take a look at this video to learn how the RAS kit
can help improve van stability and handling.


Order your Roadmaster Active Suspension kit today!

The RAS kit from Roadmaster is available for $375 plus shipping — a discounted price exclusively for Church Mutual customers.


Learn more about Roadmaster Active Suspension kits at


The "G" Series RAS kits are only available directly from Roadmaster by calling (800) 398-5036. When you place your order, be sure to mention that you are a Church Mutual customer to receive your discount.

Note: Although the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit is designed to make vehicles more stable, this product is not a substitute for using experienced and safe drivers, requiring all passengers to wear seat belts and adhering to a sound maintenance schedule.

Here is what one church executive has to say about his experience with the Roadmaster kit:

Having learned of the Roadmaster active suspension system through information provided by Church Mutual a few years ago, I was convinced to install it on two of the church's 15-passenger vans because of their very "sloppy" highway handling characteristics. The results were astounding! Both vans tracked better and had more driver responsive control and less rear spring sag and "tail wag" on the highway.

Because of the dramatic improvement, I installed a set on a smaller pickup truck which had experienced excessive axle "wrap" on acceleration and needed a bit of load improvement; same results. Axle "wrap" virtually stopped, and the truck's load capacity and control were significantly improved overnight.

Installation was a snap in all cases and accomplished with readily available simple tools in under an hour per vehicle.

Thanks to Roadmaster and Church Mutual for the advice and our improved safety!

Ken Bruner
Executive Operations director
First United Methodist Church
Kerrville, TX



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