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Church Mutual has partnered with Azuga to provide you with discounted access to a safety-focused fleet management and vehicle telematics program. This partnership offers resources and tools to reduce unsafe driving behaviors. Our goal is to help you reduce loss frequency and severity for auto policies.


Azuga Fleet Tracking:

  • Easy to install OBDII GPS tracker fits in nearly any vehicle, takes 30 seconds or less to install.
  • Fleet tracking software and online dashboards to track vehicles and behavior.
  • Built-in buzzer provides audible feedback to coach and correct unsafe driving behaviors in real-time.
  • GPS device tracks:
    • Location data, live maps and vehicle status.
    • Vehicle diagnostics such as check engine lights, fuel and battery.
    • Stopped time and idling time.
    • Speed tracking vs. posted speed limits.
    • Hard acceleration and braking.
    • Hard cornering and maneuvers.

Azuga Fleet Mobile:

  • Included mobile app for drivers and managers.
  • Allows drivers to view safety scores, log trips and view vehicle health.
  • Rewards drivers for safe driving.
  • Ability to monitor and block drivers from calling/texting while vehicle is in motion.


  • Protect drivers with optional dual-facing dash cams.
  • Can be used for event reconstruction and evidence in the event of a crash or claim.
  • AI Dashcam can detect common driving distractions such as eating/drinking, phone use, smoking, yawning and fatigue.
  • Can be useful for child-serving organizations as an abuse prevention measure while transporting children.

Azuga Coach:

  • Comprehensive selection of online training courses for drivers.
  • Drivers are assigned targeted training based on their driver scores and habits.
  • 15–20 minute lessons with knowledge checks, 3-4 minute safety tips.


Special discounted rates for Church Mutual customers, starting as low as $17/month per vehicle.

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