Diversity and Inclusion: Woven into the fabric of our culture

Our purpose is to protect the greater good and elevate the human condition, which encompasses all aspects of our organization. We believe that fostering and embracing diversity and inclusion is critical to fulfilling this purpose.

We act with honor in all we do, from our people to our business practices, in an effort to ensure all employees, customers and partners feel welcomed, valued and respected.

We respect differences in age; race; ethnicity; national origin; language; religion; gender identity or expression; sexual orientation; disability (physical or mental); family, marital, or parental status; political affiliation; socio-economic status; veteran status; and other characteristics that make our employees, customers, vendors and community partners unique. 

Our employees’ individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent contribute significantly to our culture, reputation, success and ability to serve our diverse and unique policyholders. 

Click here to read our Statement of Unity.

Meet the team:

Church Mutual has a team of professionals dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion, both internally and externally.

John Tribble, vice president – Chief Diversity Officer
Linh Luu, manager – Diversity & Inclusion

We bring diversity and inclusion to life through:



Sheyann Webb-Christburg

“Success starts with an attitude and ends in an action.”

-Sheyann Webb-Christburg, co-author of the book Selma, Lord, Selma and Dialogue in Diversity guest speaker

Church Mutual hosts an ongoing Dialogue in Diversity speaker series. The series provides opportunities for our employees to hear from people with a variety of backgrounds about their personal experiences with diversity and inclusion. The events are designed to engage, inspire and increase our awareness of different dimensions of diversity and inclusion. 

We also foster open, courageous conversations covering the racial injustice impacting society and our commitment to better understand social issues, respect different points of view and come out stronger to support each other, our customers, and communities.



Angela Bailey “At Church Mutual, we recognize our success depends on embracing diverse perspectives to continue innovating and serving our customers’ evolving needs. We take pride in promoting an inclusive culture and environment where everyone can make meaningful contributions.”

-Angela Bailey, vice president – Human Resources

In a competitive marketplace, a company that puts people first – no matter their backgrounds or beliefs – has an advantage over others. Church Mutual recognizes the many benefits of having employees who feel valued and included through a sense of community at work. We have a multi-year plan in progress to raise awareness of the array of career opportunities in insurance while expanding our outreach and recruitment efforts to diverse candidates. 

Our Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) offers events and presentations to address and explore topics related to personal and career development, opportunity to connect with their colleagues and promote community and shared understanding among the women employed at Church Mutual. 

Recognizing that military veterans bring many valuable assets to the workforce, Church Mutual has implemented a veteran hiring program. Military veterans from within our organization served on the task force that developed the program. The veteran hiring program includes veterans from all branches. Mentoring will be an important component of the program for those transitioning out of the service. 

Church Mutual is also working toward establishing a Junior Military Officer (JMO) Leadership Development Program.

As we continue to promote and enhance our inclusive culture, Church Mutual is exploring additional initiatives to attract individuals whose diverse backgrounds will bring valuable insights and new viewpoints to our organization.

Ready for a rewarding, dynamic career in the insurance industry? Explore career possibilities with the Church Mutual family of companies.



Kevin Root “We recognize our customers’ organizations change lives, strengthen communities and elevate the human condition. I get excited every day with what we’re doing to empower our customers to fulfill their mission.”

-Kevin Root, Executive Vice President - Operations

We are customer-focused and try to fully understand our customers’ needs to provide better services. Our efforts go beyond simply providing an insurance policy. 

At Church Mutual, we listen to our customers, respond with understanding and empathy, and build strong relationships with them. That’s what drove our desire to establish the African American Pastors Advisory Group, which includes some of the most important and influential African American faith leaders in the country.This group was formed to give us greater insight into the needs and challenges faced by houses of worship serving African American members. We are especially thankful to the pastors who have agreed to partner with us in this pioneering endeavor.

We are also proud to insure some of the nation's finest Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Learn more about our commitment to supporting black education and communities.



Gene Dennis “Church Mutual is rapidly becoming my go-to for all my religious organizations. A name should mean something, and this name carries a lot of weight.” 

-Gene Dennis, CEO and owner, Prestige Insurance Agency, Charlotte, N.C.

Broker Partnerships:

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion goes beyond our employees. We understand the power of partnering with diverse elite brokers and agencies that specialize in our niche markets. More importantly, we know the power of the relationships brokers foster with customers when they better understand their customers’ cultural backgrounds and unique needs.

We are looking for diverse brokers and agents that can help us better understand and connect with diverse markets.

To find out more, please contact us at broker@churchmutual.com or call us at 715-539-5225.

See our Broker page for more detailed information. 

Supplier Diversity:

Through a diverse supply base, Church Mutual leverages varying perspectives, unique skills and innovative thinking needed to enhance our businesses’ success. In turn, we are better able to serve our customers and employees as we promote economic growth in the communities where we live and work. In 2021, our overall diverse spend was 23%, exceeding industry average and illustrating our true commitment to weaving diversity & inclusion throughout the fabric of our company.

Our Supplier Diversity Program gives us a platform to develop strong relationships with a talented group of small or diverse suppliers that offer quality products and services. 

The initial connection is made through our online registration portal

Industry Partnerships:

Church Mutual has two representatives on the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc., (Big “I”) Diversity Council. The council is comprised of multicultural Big “I” member agents and leading insurance company executives. The Diversity Council collaborates with other multicultural industry groups, state associations and other Big “I” committees to create an awareness of the opportunities and benefits available by embracing diversity and encouraging change necessary for the independent agency system to survive and flourish.

Hispanic organizations:

We support and/or are members of the following Latino/Hispanic organizations:

  • US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Latin American Association of Independent Agents
  • Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 
  • El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Hispanic Federation 
  • Healthy Americas 
  • Unidos US 
  • National Hispanic Christian Leadership Council (NHCLC)


We’re committed to protecting those who serve others. By supporting charitable organizations and initiatives that represent diversity across the country, we strengthen communities where we and our customers live and work. 

  • CM CARES®, the Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation: Our foundation supports 501c3 organizations throughout the country that are providing needed services and supplies to programs such as feeding those in need; elder care; medical needs; mental health programs; homeless shelters; and child and domestic abuse programs. The CM CARES COVID-19 Protecting the Greater Good Recovery Fund invested in communities and organizations hardest hit by the pandemic. These included organizations that serve African American, Hispanic and Asian populations.
  • Inspire Milwaukee: Our Inspire Milwaukee initiative demonstrates our commitment to the Milwaukee area through multiple partnerships and sponsorships. With our new office in Milwaukee, we aim to become a meaningful and involved contributor in diverse education, social and economic efforts in the Milwaukee area. Inspire Milwaukee supports organizations including MKE Fellows, Cristo Rey High School, St. Marcus School, Marquette University, UW-Milwaukee and the Greater Milwaukee Urban League.
  • Toward One Wisconsin Inclusivity Conference: Church Mutual is a founding sponsor of this groundbreaking statewide learning event that supports building communities of equity and opportunity. The conference features discussions with many of the nation’s foremost experts on social issues. President and CEO Rich Poirier proudly serves as a co-chair of the event. Learn more here.
  • Historic restoration projects: We helped fund the restoration of Holt Street Baptist Church, an historic meeting place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders sparked massive change. We also contributed to the restoration of the Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel.
  • HBCU scholarships: The Protecting the Greater Good® scholarship program offers scholarships to students at 12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association.
  • Sponsorships: We are proud to sponsor Paralympian Andrew Kurka, who pushes himself and inspires others - just like the purpose-driven organizations we protect.
  • A leader in diversity and inclusion: Church Mutual believes that diverse and inclusive businesses are a cornerstone to building diverse and inclusive communities. Company officers shared what we’ve learned on our D&I journey with Central Wisconsin business leaders through a presentation hosted by the Wausau Regional Chamber of Commerce. President and CEO Rich Poirier was joined by Scott Steele, vice president and chief marketing officer, and Bruce Carter, assistant vice president – Diversity & Inclusion. Church Mutual presented the case for furthering diversity and inclusion – both from a business perspective and because it’s the right thing to do – and offered strategies other businesses can follow on their own D&I journeys. The program can be viewed here.

Awards and Recognition

DEI Award

Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion

We are thrilled to be recognized as a "Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion," receiving a high score on the 2023 Disability Equality Index (DEI). This comprehensive benchmarking tool helps companies achieve disability inclusion and equality through measurable, tangible actions. At Church Mutual, we firmly believe diversity and inclusion are critical to our success, driving our organization forward and enabling us to fulfill our mission.

Social Equity and Community Empowerment Company Award

Social Equity and Community Empowerment Company Award

Church Mutual was presented with the 2022 Social Equity and Community Empowerment Company Award by the American Property and Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA). The award recognizes individuals and corporations that are advancing social equity and financially empowering individuals, business and communities.

Driver of Diversity

Driver of Diversity Award

Church Mutual was presented with the 2019 Driver of Diversity Corporation of the Year award by One MKE. The Driver of Diversity Awards highlight individuals and corporations that embrace and understand the benefit of driving diversity by fostering and retaining a diverse pipeline of talent and improving cultural competence.

Women and Diversity

Women and Diversity: Expanding Opportunity in Insurance Award

Church Mutual was recognized as a national leader in advancing women and diversity at the 2020 “Women and Diversity: Expanding Opportunity in Insurance” conference, hosted by the American Property and Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA).

Premier Diversity Officer Award

Premier Diversity Officer Award

Bruce Carter, former assistant vice president - Diversity and Inclusion, was recognized with a 2022 Premier Diversity Officer Award from the National Diversity Council. The Premier Diversity Officer Award recognizes diversity officers for their advocacy of diverse talent and their ability in providing strategic direction to the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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