John Immanuel Bible Church Dec, 2022

The professionalism, care, and understanding was second to none. Church Mutual met all our needs and all our concerns. Helped us every step of the way, and every question was answered. It was above expectations.

Anonymous First Libertyhill Baptist Church Dec, 2022

They are very professional, and I would recommend Church Mutual to anybody.

Michele Jarvis Zion Community Ministries Dec, 2022

Church Mutual was very cordial, friendly, and seemed like they had all the time in the world. If I had to ask a question or didn't understand it, they explained it all to me.

Anonymous Community Church of God Dec, 2022

Definitely professional and prompt. Communications went well. I just feel like their service was great.

Pastor Pamela Salters New Wine Ministries Dec, 2022

Very professional, consistent, open to your situation. Very understanding. And Church Mutual cared about what happened to me; that meant a lot.

Pastor Banks Immanuel Baptist Church Nov, 2022

Prompt, professional and certainly trustworthy in all that they provide for us.

Anonymous ETSU and Wesley Foundation Director Nov, 2022

Great to work with.

Nadine Strowder Everlasting Baptist Church Nov, 2022

Church Mutual is easy to get a hold of, they listen to what your problem is, and they help you resolve everything. No problems at all.

Mary Bean Gorgon Chapel Church of God in Christ Oct, 2022

Church Mutual was very prompt and we really highly appreciate their work. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their help with insurance.

Pastor Ron Western Hills Church Oct, 2022

Very helpful and courteous and prompt.

Heather C. Apples Chapel Oct, 2022

Church Mutual is Professional and they did things in a timely manner. An easy claims process.

D. Wiggins Parker's Grove Baptist Church Aug, 2022

Reliable. Good customer service.

Pastor United Methodist Church Jul, 2022

They were very prompt in handling our claim, and very cordial in handling everything that needed to be handled.

Anonymous Middle Sandy Presbyterian Jul, 2022

I want it on record that Church mutual is wonderful! They honestly really care for people and are easy and friendly to work with. We say prayers for your company in church on Sundays!

Homero Plata Templo Nueva Vida of Brownsville Jun, 2022

Our experience has been very pleasant. Our agent is very friendly and helped us get the right policy for our needs. Upon renewal it was not hard to do. Without thinking twice we were on board and will continue to stay with Church Mutual.

Gerald Miller New Hope Church May, 2022

Within the last three years we have had significant interactions with Church Mutual. One issue dealt with the matter of church security and the other with the processing of a claim. I have been impressed with the proactivity, helpfulness and professionalism of this company. I am very glad we have Church Mutual as our insurer.

Paul Duncan Church of Resurrection Hope Apr, 2022

It is a pleasure to do business with Church Mutual. They have always taken care of our needs as a small church. It is very easy to make our payments online, scheduling them ahead of the due date. Church Mutual has always taken care of our claims. We will never forget how great Church Mutual was when our fellowship hall was struck by lightning and burned down. They worked with us all the way to the completion of our new facility.

Ralph Thornhill Midtown Church Apr, 2022

Church Mutual not only provides good insurance with fast claims, they provide a free monitoring service for water leaks, threatening low temperatures and even an intruder alert system that contacts law enforcement

Debra Lundgren Adat Chaim Messianic Synagogue Apr, 2022

Church Mutual has been great helping us through COVID with special resources and prompt issuing of insurance riders to cover meetings in locations outside our regular house of worship.

Anonymous Oyster Creek United Methodist Church Apr, 2022

Church Mutual came to us at a time when the insurance we had for years became much too expensive for us to continue having. They were able to give us great coverage for much less. Their representative was knowledgeable and fun. She made the process painless.

Curtis Cooley St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Feb, 2022

They [Church Mutual] were very helpful in getting the claim process done quickly, and helpful on a lot of other things we worked with them on as well. We're very happy with them.

Earline Bransetter Wisdom Faith Community Church Feb, 2022

They [Church Mutual] has been very fair with us and I have recommended them to four different churches already.

Steve Myers Woodlawn Forrest Church Of Christ Feb, 2022

I would recomend highly that you give Church Mutual an opportunity to handle your insurance needs. The experience I had went very well.

Anonymous New Covenant Presbyterian Church Jan, 2022

Prompt, caring and everything [was] taken care of on the spot.

Mark Dixon Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church Jan, 2022

[Church Mutual is] Easy to contact, easy to deal with and everything was settled to our satisfaction.

Allison Tadlock The First Baptist Church of Florence MS Jan, 2022

You couldn't get any better than [Church Mutual's] Customer Service specialists.

Robbie Carter Mount Vision Missionary Bapist Church Jan, 2022

Church Mutual was great, [their] response was great and the follow up after the initial report was within a couple hours.

Dave Watson Calvary Chapel Dec, 2021

A few years back we got our renewal church insurance quote from our long-time trusted insurance broker. It had gone up again. Church Mutual saved us 40% off our premium. That is savings we put back into ministry. Their local representatives are familiar with our community and will take the time to get to know you and your insurance needs.

Pat Truckenmiller Breakthrough Worship Center Nov, 2021

It [claims process] was great and [there was] no complications.

Laura Gotcher First United Methodist Chruch Nov, 2021

Totally stress free, easy, [and] every contact was professional and a breeze.

Susan Tutor St. Luke's Episcopal Church Nov, 2021

They [Church Mutual] made the claim process very easy, [they] were very prompt, and took care of the the problem that we had.

Ron Holcomb La Grange First United Methodist Church Nov, 2021

I recently submitted a claim for lightning damage to our church. My contact was Ms. Sanderson. She is very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and a great customer service individual. She has changed my opinion of insurance companies completely. There are so many insurance companies that could take lessons from Church Mutual.

Samuel Reimert St. Jonh’s Gernant’s Church Nov, 2021

In my time as properly chairman for Gernant’s church it was necessary to use our insurance. Once because of damage caused by hail, the 2nd was ice and snow damage. During both these times, Church Mutual was very helpful, pleasant, professional, prompt on returning calls and providing answers, providing payments.

Paul VanCise Bryant Wesleyan Church Nov, 2021

For over 20 years we have been with Church Mutual. We left for a few years to save on premium but returned for the excellent customer service and overall value.

Kay Kuykendall Hubbard Missionary Baptist Church Nov, 2021

Always there for us whenever we need them. Replaced hail damaged roof without a battle! Wonderful people to do business with.

Rev. Dr. Bonnie Orth Mayfield Presbyterian Church Nov, 2021

In 2011 our church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Church Mutual worked with us from the day of the fire until the day we opened our new church three years later. They were extremely helpful. I highly recommend using them.

Karen Marshall Congregational Church of Mount Dora Nov, 2021

The handling of our hurricane claim, which occurred on 9/10/17, was handled superbly by Claim Manager, Lynn Renlund. Because of the lawsuit that was brought by the unscrupulous roofer & the subsequent lawsuit, her assistance was absolutely fantastic, and we are forever grateful. We were able to secure another roofer to make the repairs, which have now been completed.

Donald Pyle The Church at Rockwood Nov, 2021

We've only had three claims in 40 years of being insured by Church Mutual. The best way I would describe my experience with their handling of our claims speaks to the efficiency by which they responded. Their handling of our claims took the stress and worry out of the equation. Their representatives have always been pleasant to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Church Mutual Ins.

Rolland Williamson Zion Baptist Church Oct, 2021

Zion Baptist Church has been a customer of Church Mutual for over 28 years, beginning on October 21, 1993. This company has supplied the church with health and safety materials for years. Church Mutual was always on the spot when we needed them after damages. Edgar Street, our agent, is the best, serving us for over 14 years!

Dean Carstensen St. Timothy Lutheran Church Oct, 2021

Several times other companies have approached us with their proposals, but I told our Council members that your company has served us admirably for many years and there was no need to change now. Keep up the good work!!

Cecilia Hicks Made Whole Ministries, Inc Oct, 2021

We have always received excellent service from church Mutual. Our representative keeps us informed and updated.

Richard Bomar Rico UMC Oct, 2021

Your company helped us very much working with ServPro in repairing our church when the water pipe in the kitchen burst. Everything is repaired and working normally.

Daniel Gruenwald Hope Lutheran Church Oct, 2021

Well-organized company with competent and friendly staff. Tracy Zomerlei has been our representative for many years and is always helpful and knowledgeable. We appreciate her excellent customer service!

Hunter UMC Hunter UMC Oct, 2021

Good folks that understand church insurance!

Robert Thomas Greater Refuge Church of Christ Oct, 2021

Church Mutual has been a great resource for our church as we managed the new normal since the spread of Covid-19. They helped in getting our re-open plan up and running and have great resources for congregations to use to indemnify themselves from any unseen problems.

Jon Gehler Ebenezer Moravian Church Oct, 2021

The church parsonage air conditioner exchange unit which is in the attic drainpipe got clogged and water backed up and damaged insulation and drywall in a large area before it was observed. The drain problem was corrected, and the air conditioner was equipped with a pan and an alarm system to shut off AC if any water problem would occur again. Church Mutual sent their appraiser and we received monies to hire a company to clean out damage and rebuild the area.

Jeri Lon Montgomery First United Methodist Church Oct, 2021

Any time I have had a question the customer service people are very accommodating. They answer with the full knowledge they are trained to give.

Michael Dacy Valley View Baptist Church Oct, 2021

I have found that there are so many more resources available to us than at first believed. Very happy being associated with Church Mutual.

Matt Perkins Pequannock Reformed Church In Wayne Oct, 2021

Your agent Mr. Chris Wakeley is outstanding! He is an asset to your fine organization. I trust that he is treated as a valued he should be!

Michael C. Davie Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church of Odenton Oct, 2021

Complementary building interior temperature and water leakage monitoring services provide timely notification of heating system or power supply failure, or water leakage before costly damage occurs.

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