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Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law

In 2014, Pennsylvania implemented Act 153, amending the state Child Protective Services Law to impose greater background check requirements on employees and volunteers who have direct contact with children.

Who is required to comply with the new background clearances?

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What clearances are now required?

  1. Criminal History Record Information obtained from the Pennsylvania State Police ($10 fee). Click to access State Police Criminal History Check website.
  2. Child Abuse Clearance obtained through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services ($10 fee). Click to Access Department of Human Services website.
  3. Federal Criminal History Record information by submitting fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of investigation ($27.50 fee or $28.75 for educational facilities covered under Public School Code through the Department of Education).

    NOTE: Unpaid volunteers who have resided in Pennsylvania for the past 10 years will be excluded from this requirement. Click to Access FBI Criminal History website.

You can access the Clearance Page for additional information about the required clearances and how to submit them.

When are you required to start obtaining clearances?

As of December 31, 2014, employers were required to obtain clearances for employees on a 36-month basis. Beginning July 1, 2015, all volunteers will be required to obtain clearances on a 36-month basis.

For more information about Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services law, click here.

If you still have doubts regarding if an employee or volunteer should obtain clearances, use good judgment and obtain them.

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