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Damage total may rise as power is restored

The risk of property damage resulting from power outages can increase as utilities restore power and create the possibility of a detrimental electrical surge. Hundreds of equipment losses result each year when the electricity is turned back on and power surges damage sensitive electrical components. Help prevent this damage at your facility by taking steps to protect electrical equipment including computers, entertainment systems and appliances from high-voltage surges.

“Following a storm, a serious threat to computers and other sensitive electronic equipment occurs when the power comes back on,” said Michael Bove, vice president of engineering for HSB. “There are effective ways to protect important equipment in advance of a storm or accident, but the best thing a religious organization can do now is to disconnect electronic equipment and then carefully reconnect and reenergize each device after the power is restored.”

How to protect equipment

Although there is no way to guarantee that equipment will not be damaged by power surges, properly sized and grounded surge suppression systems are an effective defense against power spikes from any source. The following guidelines from the equipment specialists at HSB can help protect against equipment breakdowns and related property damage.

  • Whether it’s during or after a storm or power outage, the best way to avoid surge damage is to unplug equipment and turn switches off. Once the threat passes or power is restored, plug the equipment back in one piece at a time.
  • Surge protection should be placed inside and outside a building, since power lines are not the only path for voltage surges to enter. Telephone lines, data lines — any equipment connected to the outside world can be a source. Consult a licensed electrician.
  • Computers are not the only equipment at risk. Houses of worship should also protect multimedia equipment, security systems and similar property.

The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company

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