Risk Alerts

Preventing Injuries to Clerical Employees

Every year, Church Mutual customers report more than 4,000 injuries to their employees. One occupation needing specific risk management attention is clerical employees.

Employees in this category include administrative assistants, receptionists and support staff. Past claims provide insight into key safety issues to help prevent similar injuries. Use the following guidelines to help evaluate, develop and implement good risk management practices and procedures for clerical employees:

Slips, Trips and Falls on Level Surfaces

  • Maintain clean working areas and walking surfaces to help eliminate slip-and-fall exposures.
  • Make housekeeping a top priority.
  • Arrange office furniture, telephone and electrical cords and office supplies to minimize slip-and-fall hazards.
  • Designate places to store handbags, backpacks and coats to help eliminate hazards.
  • Require all employees to wear slip-resistant footwear.

Repetitive Motion Strains

  • Rotate staff on tasks that are highly repetitive.
  • Conduct ergonomic evaluations of employee workstations.
  • Provide chairs, workstations and other office equipment with adjustable options and controls.
  • Limit the height of stacked material that leads to awkward lifting and handling postures.

Lifting Strains

  • Instruct employees on proper body mechanics and lifting techniques.
  • Arrange work areas so materials are within convenient reaching or lifting distances.
  • Eliminate lifting over the head and from the ground.
  • Provide material-handling equipment, such as carts, to limit lifting and carrying objects.

Struck by or Collision With Objects

  • Design the layout of halls, rooms and aisles to allow smooth traffic flow.
  • Establish procedures for inspecting and maintaining equipment.
  • Provide an adequate level of illumination within the building and on exterior walkways and parking lots.
  • Mark or pad obstructions that cannot be removed to help reduce the possibility of direct contact or injury if contact occurs.

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