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Spring 2013 Vol. 12, Issue 2

Managing Your Risk

Protect air conditioners at discounted price

Throughout the past couple of years, you’ve heard from Church Mutual about the importance of protecting your facility’s air conditioners. As you know, the value of copper is such that air conditioners have become a prime target for thieves — the copper condenser coils inside the units are what they’re after.

To help our customers protect their air conditioners and avoid the inconvenience of dealing with a theft, Church Mutual has partnered with Property Armor, an air conditioner cage manufacturer, to provide you with a 15 percent discount on cages.

Compared to the potential cost of replacing an air conditioner and repairing other damage caused by a thief who destroys property to gain access to copper, the cost of purchasing an air conditioner cage is minimal. Property Armor’s cage prices range from $340 to $421 with the discount (shipping and installation not included).

Although air conditioners are not copper thieves’ only target — others include gutters, downspouts and parking lot lights — they are by far the most frequent. In 2011 and 2012 combined, our copper theft claims numbered 2,744 and totaled $18.4 million in damages — and that doesn’t even include the cost shared by our customers through their deductibles. Approximately 90 percent of those claims involved air conditioners.

There’s no better time of year to ensure that your air conditioners are protected. Caging air conditioners before they’re needed ensures that your congregation won’t run into such trouble when the weather warms up.

I hope this discount is an encouragement to your organization as you continue to look for ways to protect your buildings. Learn more about the cage options available from Property Armor at www.churchmutual.com/copper or by calling Property Armor at (855) 858-5757.

Edward A. Steele
Risk Control Manager

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