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Every crisis is a human crisis. Church Mutual policyholders want to do the best they can to protect their people as well as their organization. Do you know how to identify crises such as violent attacks, and prevent them from occurring? Do you have plans in place to help you address a threat or behaviors of concern?

Firestorm is a nationally recognized leader in crisis management, and has partnered with Church Mutual to help policyholders minimize disaster exposure, plan for the worst, and communicate effectively if a crisis were to occur.

Spot the Warning Signs

Firestorm has developed and gathered research on workplace and school violence from experts across the nation. Using this, they developed the BeRThA® (Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment) program to help you recognize and respond to threats of violence through these critical components:

Firestorm Handout
Firestorm Webinar
Bertha Handout

Communicating During a Crisis

When things go wrong, the hours immediately following a crisis are critical in influencing the long-term effects of the event. Whether an active shooting has taken place, allegations of sexual misconduct have been reported, food poisoning has broken out after an event, or any other crisis has occurred, you must have a plan in place to respond and communicate accordingly.

Resources from Firestorm can help you to develop an effective communication plan and mitigate the effects of a crisis.

If you need additional help in a crisis situation, Church Mutual policyholders can receive one hour of FREE crisis coaching from the Firestorm Crisis Team by calling (770) 643-1114.

Firestorm Handout
Firestorm Webinar
Crisis Handout

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