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Our commitment to Protecting the Greater Good® has helped us become the country’s leading insurer of religious organizations and a premier provider for other organizations that inspire and serve others. Learn more about us.

Safety news just for you
Safety news just for you

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Summer 2021 Risk Reporter available online
Summer 2021 Risk Reporter available online

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Plan for the new year

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For over a century, our purpose has remained clear — support our customers, keep them safe and help them continue to serve others.
This purpose will drive us for generations to come.


We proudly protect:

•Houses of worship
•Nonprofits and human services
•Public and private schools

•Camps and conference centers
•Senior living communities

From Our Customers

I'd recommend them [Church Mutual]. They're helpful, they followed through and they were on it. I didnt have to call a million times. They did what they said they were going to do.

Gerald Wiggins, Transportation Leader, Mount Zion Miracle Station SDA Church
Wilmington, DE — Aug. 2021

They [Church Mutual] were very helpful and timely. We experienced no problems getting what we needed done.

Betty C. Washington, Business Administrator, Plum Grove Baptist Church
Tuscaloosa, AL — Aug. 2021

Very efficient, very business-like, and very quick to respond to my questions, very courteous.

Phyllis Jeffers, Church Secretary, Raleighs Crossroads United Methodist Church
Greensburro, NC — Aug. 2021

They [Church Mutual] are very professional, compassionate people and everything was handled in a timely manner

Mark LaVonne, Head Trustee, St. Mark United Methodist Church of Opelousas
Opelousas, LA — Aug. 2021

I would probably say I've always been completely satisfied with professional service from Church Mutual.

Anonymous, Associate Pastor, Jackson Revival Center
Jackson, MS — Aug. 2021

I choose Church Mutual because they are a trusted partner – I’m not just a customer, but they’re truly invested in the work that I do and they truly want us to succeed.

Donna Ambrose, Executive Director, Neighbor's Place
Wausau, WI — Aug. 2021

It [The Claim Process] was prompt, accurate, and I was very satisfied.

Anonymous, Senior Pastor, Abilene Hope Chapel
Abalone, TX — Jul. 2021

They [Church Mutual] were very professional, polite throughout the whole process and they extradited the matter very promptly. I thought everything was good.

David Wright, Trustee Chairman, Carraway United Methodist Church
Greensburrow, NC — Jul. 2021

They're [Church Mutual] very prompt, very caring they did an excellent job of following up. [The] communication makes it a lot easier when you're talking to a real person and they're available for a question afterward to get more information, so it was fine and excellent.

Anonymous, President of Joint Board and Trustees, Church of the Redeemer Moravian Church
Dublan, OH — Jul. 2021

[Church Mutual was] very fair and prompt, courteous, and caring. They are polite in everything. They are fair in replacement for loss and compensation for damages. They showed empathy and cared for our situation.

Jesse R. Booth, Executive Pastor, Zoan Baptist Church
Fredericksburg, VA — Jun. 2021
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