Handling workplace injuries

Call for quick medical advice for workplace injuries

A rapidly growing type of medical service known as a nurse hotline can assist your camp or conference center with handling workers’ compensation injuries and controlling claim costs involving those injuries.

A top priority for managing work-related injuries is for employees to report them promptly to their employer. Prompt reporting starts the initial steps towards providing your employees with timely and professional medical attention.

Why is injury reporting important?

It is human nature to want to immediately provide comfort to those who are injured. By promptly reporting the injury, an employee is receiving peace of mind at the time of injury. This will help ease any anxiety, offer peace of mind, get questions answered quickly, and provide the right treatment, at the right time, and at the right level of care.

Based on the nature of the injury, a recovery plan could be established if needed with the injured employee’s treating doctor. And a determination can be made about the employee’s ability to return to work at full or modified capacity. In some cases, the employee may not even have to miss work at all.

Even in the safest of workplace environments, injuries can happen. Camp/conference center managers and supervisors (who usually aren’t trained medical professionals) often don’t know how to properly deal with an injury. As a result, employees with minor injuries are often sent for unnecessary, time-consuming, and expensive off-site care (usually emergency room visits) when first aid would have sufficed. Conversely, employees with more serious injuries might not get the care they need. This is where the services of a nurse hotline can step in to help out.

Why is a nurse hotline helpful?

Church Mutual’s no-cost Nurse Hotline, powered by Medcor, is an example of a service provided to their workers’ compensation customers. This hotline provides camps and conference centers with 24/7 access to medical professionals who can help you properly manage work-related injuries.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Instant, 24/7 access to specially trained medical professionals
  • Faster, more appropriate treatment of injuries
  • Costly and unnecessary clinic and emergency room visits avoided
  • Recorded calls ensure consistent quality care and accuracy
  • Lower frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims with 35%-50% of reported claims only requiring on-site first-aid treatment
  • Reduces unnecessary claims and better controls premiums

How to use a hotline service

Let’s say a camp cook injures their back while lifting or carrying a box of produce in the kitchen. The four reporting steps for using Church Mutual’s Nurse Hotline powered by Medcor are: 

  1. Make the call at the time of injury. Employees should notify their supervisor immediately in the case of an injury. At that time, the supervisor and employee will make the call to the Nurse Hotline. Once the supervisor provides the on-call nurse with important information, the injured employee will get on the phone call so the nurse can determine the severity of their injuries. If the supervisor is not available, the injured employee can make the call directly.
  2. The nurse’s recommendation. The nurse will provide the employee and supervisor with the next steps for treating the injury. This could be anything from going to the emergency room, to making an appointment with a specialist, or applying simple first aid. If the employee will self-treat, the nurse will forward patient follow-up care instructions.
  3. Debrief with supervisor. The nurse will confirm the treatment plan with the supervisor. If self-care/first-aid is all that is needed, the nurse will advise the supervisor of this, and will also explain the recommendations provided to the employee. The nurse will fax or email follow-up instructions to the employee to reinforce the recommended steps for self-care/first-aid. If outside care is recommended or sought, the nurse will also notify the supervisor along with the name of a specific provider for evaluation and treatment.
  4. Timely recordkeeping. All calls will be documented. If self-care/first-aid is all that is needed, the nurse will provide Church Mutual’s Claim Department with an incident report, and they will set up a “notice only” file showing zero cost. If outside care is sought, the nurse will send a report to Church Mutual’s claim reporting center, and a claim handler will be assigned to manage the file.

If an injury is serious or life-threatening, the camp or conference center should immediately call 911. Some examples of serious situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Choking or difficulty breathing
  • Unconsciousness or severe disorientation
  • Severe bleeding
  • Lack of balance or inability to walk
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Chest pain or severe abdominal pain
  • Any other problem felt to be an emergency

To view more information about using the Nurse Hotline including a webinar and informational video, visit www.churchmutual.com/nursehotline or contact Risk Control Central at riskconsulting@churchmutual.com or (800) 554 2642 x5213.


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