Property and Casualty Coverages for Houses of Worship

Our portfolio of coverages has been formed by the knowledge and experience we have gained from focusing on the religious marketplace. These coverages meet the unique needs of houses of worship and play a critical role in maintaining their financial viability. Click the links to read highlights of our four main policy types and sections of the multi-peril policy.

Multi-Peril Policy
Commercial Automobile Policy
Umbrella Liability Policy
Workers' Compensation Policy

Church Mutual Multi-Peril Policy Highlights

A Church Mutual multi-peril policy may have up to six separate coverage parts: Property, General Liability, Professional Liability, Crime, Inland Marine and Hired and Nonowned Automobile Liability.

  • Property

    A Church Mutual multi-peril policy covers owned buildings and personal property for either basic, broad or special causes of loss. Each policy includes several coverage additions and extensions with limits set to meet your need and budget.

    Church Mutual multi-peril policies include Systems and Equipment Breakdown Coverage and Identity Recovery Case Management/Expense Reimbursement. A host of options — such as theft of property — are available.

    Flood and earthquake are not covered, but your Church Mutual representative can assist you in obtaining these additional coverages. Church Mutual does offer an optional "Limited Flood" protection. It has a low limit and is not intended to be a substitute for flood insurance.

  • General Liability

    Church Mutual's policies protect the house of worship as well as clergy, elected or appointed officials, employees and volunteers against claims of negligence involving bodily injury, personal injury (such as libel and slander), advertising injury, property damage and sexual molestation and misconduct. Legal expenses we incur in your defense are outside the limit of insurance, meaning there is no set limit for the costs of your defense and such costs do not count against the limit of liability you purchase.

    We also include Catastrophic Violence Response Coverage to help with non-negligence costs associated with certain tragic acts of violence.

    Recognizing that our customers might encounter legal issues that do not allege negligence, we provide a low limit of insurance to help with legal defense costs.

    Corporal punishment coverage is available.

    Under the general liability coverage is what we call "Medical Expenses" coverage. This goodwill-oriented coverage allows us to help with the medical costs for people (but not employees) who sustain minor injuries on your premises or at events you sponsor at or away from your premises. The injured person does not need to sue you.

    Medical expenses coverage may be purchased to pay on a primary or excess basis. Excess means that the injured person's own insurance pays first. Two common options are Wage Loss and Loss of Life coverages.

  • Professional Liability

    Our professional liability options include coverage for counseling; educators; employee benefits; employment practices; incidental medical services; and directors, officers and trustees.

  • Crime

    Theft of money and securities and bonds for employee/volunteer dishonesty are available from Church Mutual.

  • Inland Marine

    Your most valuable, rare or antique possessions may be insured under an "Inland Marine" form. This establishes an insurance value for each item.

  • Hired and Nonowned Automobile Liability

    These highly recommended liability coverages protect your organization when you rent or borrow a vehicle for use on official business and when vehicles owned and driven by your employees or anyone else are used on the job or on behalf of your organization.

Commercial Automobile

  • Commercial Automobile

    We offer liability protection, uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage, medical payments insurance (in some states PIP) and collision and comprehensive coverage. Our optional Emergency Road Services coverage provides reimbursement for some of the costs associated with the breakdown of a covered vehicle.

Umbrella Liability

  • Umbrella Liability

    An umbrella liability policy provides higher limits of insurance for your general, automobile and counseling liability exposures.

Workers' Compensation

  • Workers' Compensation

    This is an important coverage to consider and is required in all but a few states. Most property, liability, health and accident policies exclude work-related accidents and injuries. In such cases, a workers' compensation insurance policy is your only source of coverage.

Coverage references on this website are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent a policy contract. Refer to your Church Mutual insurance policies for complete descriptions of coverages, limitations and exclusions. Some coverages may not be available in all states.

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