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School may or may not be in session but bullying can have no limits. In this area you will learn how to create a nurturing environment, how to identify a bully and what the current anti-bullying laws are in your state. Make sure you're ready to communicate and enforce your policy - before an incident happens.

Be Prepared for the School Year Ahead

Put Your Anti-Bullying Policy Into Action

Bullying affects kids in schools of every size and in every part of the country. Today, 49 states have anti-bullying laws in force (see policies and laws in your state). In many cases, there are policies that specifically spell out how to deal with the problem. But it's also important that your school has its own policy in place - and that you enforce it. Doing so can make a meaningful difference in a student's personal and academic life.

State Laws

Find out how your state refers to bullying in its laws and what your school needs to do.

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3 Areas You Should Cover in Your School's Anti-Bullying Policy

The problem is real and it affects schools of all types and sizes. The good news is there are steps you can take to make sure bullying doesn't become a serious problem at your school.

Key Takeaways

Many states today are taking positive steps to deal with bullying. While this is a good start, each school needs to communicate its anti-bullying policy to the students, parents, teachers and staff members. And most importantly, the policy has to be enforced.

The ultimate goal is to have the entire school community pull together and take a stand so that, one day, bullying at school will be a rare occurrence rather than a regular event.

You can learn more about bullying prevention by visiting the resources below

If you have specific questions or need help with bullying prevention, call our Risk Control Consulting and Research Center at (800) 554-2642, ext. 5213, or email

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