Stop vaccine-preventable diseases at your camp door

Even though vaccine-preventable childhood diseases in the United States are at a record low, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), they have not vanished.

Some parents worry certain vaccinations are harmful to their children’s health and often choose to delay or even reject vaccines.

The Church Mutual Risk Control Consulting and Research Center recently received inquiries from camp directors about vaccination policies and they questioned if unvaccinated children who attend camp pose a threat to other campers and staff members.

The short answer? For some contagious diseases, such as measles, an outbreak of even one case can spread quickly among campers and staff members who are not immune. 

Church Mutual studied various state health regulations and found individual states often have requirements in place stipulating that vaccinations and immunization records must be provided for campers and employees. Further, they recommend preventable disease vaccinations of all people working at or attending summer camps. 

Camps also can incorporate specific rules about vaccinations into their own policies, potentially safeguarding the wellbeing of all campers.  

Vaccine-preventable disease can strike at any time. Be aware of reporting details in your county and/or state. Encourage your camp health director, local health department or other healthcare provider to discuss with camp staff members and counselors the symptoms of vaccine-preventable diseases, and stress the importance of reporting at the first sign of illness.

Church Mutual Risk Control Consulting and Research Center recommends camp leaders contact their state’s Department of Health for guidance on specific vaccination recommendations and policies, along with reporting details and quarantine procedures should an outbreak occur.

For more information on vaccines and preventable childhood diseases and to learn more about the early signs and symptoms of diseases, log on to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website,

Visit to review more safety information.

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