Don't unknowingly insure your contractor

Almost every camp uses independent contractors to conduct a variety of construction tasks — electrical and plumbing repairs, roofing and cleaning, for example. Unfortunately, many camps do not realize they absorb a financial risk if an injury occurs to the contractor or the contractor's employees when the contractor does not carry workers' compensation insurance.

The cost to a camp if a contractor does not carry workers' compensation insurance can come in many forms. Claims for injuries might increase your workers' compensation premium when the policy is renewed, for example. Or, your insurer might add a construction code (charge) to your policy midyear as the premium charged for the original policy did not include a factor for covering independent contractors.

A camp also is making itself susceptible to fraud. If a contract worker is injured elsewhere, the worker might claim the injury occurred at your facility because you have deep pockets by the way of your workers' compensation policy.

Whenever you hire a contractor, require a certificate of insurance before allowing work to be done. All insurance companies provide these certificates for their customers when requested to do so. Check the policy period, ensuring your project falls within that policy period. Verify that the contractor not only carries workers' compensation insurance, but also general liability and umbrella liability insurance. And make sure the limits are adequate. A $1 million liability policy and a $1 million umbrella policy is recommended.

Keep the certificate in a file.

Demand qualified, capable and reputable contractors.

When looking for a contractor:

  • Get quotes from several contractors
  • Ask for references and a list of previous customers
  • Check all references and contact previous customers

Visit to review more safety information.

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