Control costs with prompt claims reporting

Help your organization by filing claims quickly. It's better for your people and your property.

When you file a property claim within 24 hours, you can reduce the potential for costly long-term damage that can occur when cleanup is delayed. In cases where you are displaced, filing a claim promptly also will help you get back in your building faster than you would had you not filed your claim quickly.

Workers' compensation claims are especially time sensitive

If one of your employees is injured on the job — either on your property or while performing job duties away from your property — you should file a claim within one business day of the incident. You also should be sure to file within the time frame required by your state to avoid a fine, regardless of how minor it might seem. Our claims specialists can help you make sure injured employees get the care they need right away. This helps them heal and return to work faster, minimizing fear and anxiety while also minimizing your losses. In fact, filing a claim quickly helps us keep rates stable for all of our customers.

If reporting is delayed — even by as little as seven days — costs dramatically increase because of medical bills, rates for attorney involvement, disputes over causation and longer periods of disability, according to the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC).

Filing your claim means you care

As human beings, we immediately want to provide comfort to those who are injured or experiencing loss because of a tragedy. Dealing with insurance at a time like this might seem insensitive. However, by promptly filing your claim, you are actually doing what is in the best interest of all affected parties. It is the best step you can take to help ease anxiety, get questions answered quickly and accurately and get going on the road to recovery — smoothly.

Educate all your employees and volunteers about the importance of filing claims immediately

Share this information with others within your organization right away so you can be sure you're doing all you can to help others overcome an incident as quickly and comfortably as possible. Be sure to send periodic reminder emails to your staff.

Five ways for Church Mutual customers to promptly report claims:

Telephone: (800) 554-2642, Option 2

Fax: (715) 539-4651

Mail: Church Mutual Insurance Company, P.O. Box 342, Merrill, WI 54452-0342



If an injury is life threatening or fatal, call us immediately after emergency protocol is fulfilled.

Cases for filing claims quickly

Inability to investigate. A day care center failed to report the injury of a child until 11 months after the incident, when it received a letter of representation from an attorney representing the injured child. Since the child and a sibling continued to attend the day care after the incident, the policyholder assumed everything was OK. By the time they filed the claim, it was too late for Church Mutual to conduct an inspection and control the claim. As a result, the facility received a citation and lost its child care license.

A quick claim saves the day. When a policyholder noticed roof damage as the result of a storm, he contacted Church Mutual within hours. This allowed quick and fluid communications among the adjuster, Church Mutual and the policyholder, resulting in a claim resolution within 30 days from the date of loss.

Water, water everywhere. Late reporting of water damage prevented Church Mutual from ensuring that proper loss mitigation took place, resulting in mold. When several tenants complained of symptoms related to mold, liability claims were added to the initial claim. Had the damage been reported right away, the claim would have been resolved in three months. Instead, it took twice that time.

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