Review your risks at camp during winter slowdown

As your camp prepares for winter slowdown, it’s a good time to review and tweak your camp’s risk management program. Understanding, exploring and addressing your risks now will help reduce accidents and improve the overall effectiveness of your safety program.

Review your emergency plans and personnel training programs. A plan shows you took reasonable steps to address risks. Work with a safety expert to ensure all elements of safety are addressed. Have the plan reviewed by your camp’s legal team and local emergency services departments. Implement staff training programs so that everyone understands what is expected of them in the event of an emergency. 

Review your employee and volunteer screening processes.  Each hiring step — the application and interview processes, for example — must be designed to reveal high-risk responses. Conduct an annual criminal background check of all employees. 

Review the season’s accident/incident reports. Each accident should be investigated quickly to find out the root cause of the accident and to prevent similar incidents in the future. In addition to individual accident investigations, a yearly review of accidents should be conducted. Yearly reviews will help identify common trends, poor safety practices and future training opportunities.

Survey buildings, grounds and workspaces. This is an excellent way to uncover maintenance issues and facility problem areas. Visit every structure and walk your entire property. Use a comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing is missed. The safety survey should include areas of risk, strategies to address the problems and goals for improvements.

Don Friddle is broker risk control service coordinator at Church Mutual Insurance Company. Visit to review more safety information.

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