Removing Deadly Trees at Camp

The pre-camp season is the ideal time to manage trees on your camp property. Unhealthy and unattended trees can wreak havoc on camp buildings and cause traumatic and sometimes fatal injuries to campers, staff and volunteers. Consider an annual review to maintain and manage trees on your property and engage a professional arborist or tree care professional when questions arise.

Safe Tree Management and Removal

  1. Tree trimming and removal by unqualified persons can result in injury. Consider having only certified arborists or a professional tree service perform these necessary tasks.

  2. Chainsaws should only be used on the camp property by staff members experienced with proper chainsaw usage. Proper eye and ear protection must be used as well as gloves, long pants, boots and chaps. Carefully consider the potential impact of having unqualified volunteers trim trees on your property.

  3. Any lifts used for tree trimming must be inspected and used only by those qualified to operate the lift equipment.

  4. Always obtain certificates of insurance from any outside contractors with proof of liability and workers’ compensation coverage.

  5. After any severe weather or high wind events at your camp, inspect trees around all buildings and activity areas for hanging limbs or damage.

  6. Assess parking areas and major rights of way for trees with cracking or damaged limbs that could fall on vehicles or impede traffic.

  7. Inspect all buildings and ensure tree limbs aren’t contacting buildings, drains, roofs or siding. These contact points can damage the structure or lead to flooding issues.

  8. Consider having your local electric service provider assess and trim trees near elevated power lines.

For additional safety or risk management questions, contact Church Mutual Insurance Company’s Risk Control Central.

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