Safety Resources for Camps and Conference Centers

Church Mutual is always adding to our library of safety materials for camps and conference centers. The materials shown below are all available to our customers at no charge.

Some of our other safety materials also are appropriate for camps and conference centers, so feel free to browse the various areas of our Safety Resources library using the links in the gray bar to the left.

To review the safety materials available just for camps and conference centers, click a link below.

Inventory Survey

Risk Alerts for Camps and Conference Centers

Risk Reporter for Camps and Conference Centers


Abuse at Camp

Learn how to identify and help prevent bullying and other types of abuse to protect the safety of children and youths at your camp. Download video guide.

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Trusted Employees Background Screening

Trusted Employees offers premier-level, web-based screening tools that will help you easily and effectively screen both employees and volunteers, at a substantially reduced price. More »

Sample Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Program for Religious Organizations (English)

Hermes Sargent Bates, LLP

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Swimmer Safety Program

Evaluation forms, guidelines and color-coded wristbands to ensure your swimming activities are fun, exciting and safe for all participants. Church Mutual’s swimmer bands are available to our customers only at no cost.

Number of green bands 
Number of yellow bands 
Number of red bands 

Include swimmer evaluation sheets (one per swimmer)?
Yes No

Include laminated guidelines for supervisors?
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Brochures and Checklists

Self-Inspection Safety Checklist for Camps and Conference Centers

Use this checklist to inspect your camp or conference center to make sure safe operation is being maintained throughout your campus and with all of your activities.

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Water Activities Safety Guide

Help keep your congregation, camp or school children safe while enjoying fun in pools, lakes and rivers. The guide includes:  

  • A handy, two-page checklist to use as you walk around your facility, making it easier to spot inherent dangers.
  • Information about our popular Swimmer Safety Program — a wristband system you can use to immediately spot the ability levels of all swimmers.

While swimming is the main focus of the guide, boating, paddling, sailing and waterskiing are also addressed.

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See more brochures from the Safeguard Series


Active Shooter and Security Concerns at Camp

Camp security experts John Ojeisekhoba and Craig Herrick of J&O Emergency Management and Security Consultants discuss how to prepare year-round and seasonal staff for a security emergency at camp, including an active shooter incident.

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Authorization and Request for Criminal Records Verification and Fingerprint Information

Hermes Sargent Bates, LLP

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Building/Facility Use Agreement

McKay, de Lorimier & Acain

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For CCCA members:

Beware the “silent killer” - carbon monoxide

Avoid cold and flu this winter

Concussion awareness

Unsafe ladder usage can pose serious risk of injury

Consider risks before camp renovations begin

Bees, wasps, and mosquitoes – oh my!

Challenge courses: minimize risks at camp

Proper supervision is key to water safety

Don't let food illness spoil the fun

Be ready for the next storm

Keep safety simple

When temperatures drop, the threat of frozen pipes goes up

Maintaining your natural resources

Winterizing your camp

Protecting against wildfires

Campfire Safety

Bats at camp

Handling workplace injuries

Keep Fireworks Fun by Playing it Safe

Staying hydrated in winter (2/21/17 Flint & Steel)

Does your camp collect clutter? (11/22/16 Flint & Steel)

Hayride Safety (10/18/16 Flint & Steel)

Fall maintenance and camp clean up (9/20/16 Flint & Steel)

Analyzing claims leads to safer practices (08/16/16 Flint & Steel)

Outdoor Security 101: 5 upgrades camps and conference centers should consider (07/19/16 Flint & Steel)

Don't let a disaster spoil your meal (06/07/16 Flint & Steel)

Get your camp summer ready (04/19/16 Flint & Steel)

Preventive measures can help contain Zika virus (03/17/16 Thursday Mail)

Reduce fall-related injuries with good safety practices (01/21/16 Thursday Mail)

Prepare your trees for winter weather (12/17/15 Thursday Mail)

Stop vaccine-preventable diseases at your camp door (07/16/15 Thursday Mail)

Put the experts on the job (06/18/15 Thursday Mail)

Spring inspections, projects are on deck (04/16/15 Thursday Mail)

Volunteers can make a camp go 'round (03/19/15 Thursday Mail)

Don't unknowingly insure your contractor (02/19/15 Thursday Mail)

Prompt claims reporting (01/22/15 Thursday Mail)

Carbon monoxide poisoning (12/04/14 Thursday Mail)

Slips-and-falls prevention (11/06/14 Thursday Mail)

Review camp risks (10/16/14 Thursday Mail)

Concealed carry laws (10/2/14 Thursday Mail)

A property and liability insurance program exclusively for CCCA members

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