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For Florida Customers Only

In addition to the screenings and verifications recommended by our corporate partner Trusted Employees, Church Mutual recommends that Florida customers also obtain a criminal history report for prospective employees from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

This report must be ordered directly through the FDLE. The cost is $24 per report.

Click here to visit the FDLE website.

Church Mutual recommends that you obtain the FDLE criminal history report because Florida Statute 768.096 offers some legal protection for employers that perform background investigations that include an FDLE report. (The statute is not applicable to volunteers.)

In short, the statute reads:
In a civil action for the death of, or injury or damage to, a third person caused by the intentional tort of an employee, such employee's employer is presumed not to have been negligent in hiring such employee if, before hiring the employee, the employer conducted a background investigation of the prospective employee, and the investigation did not reveal any information that reasonably demonstrated the unsuitability of the prospective employee for the particular work to be performed or for the employment in general. A background investigation under the section must include:

  • A criminal background investigation, which specifically means obtaining a report from the Department of Law Enforcement.
  • Making a reasonable effort to contact references and former employers.
  • Requiring the prospective employee to complete an appropriate job application.
  • Checking the driving record of a prospective employee if relevant to the work of the employee.
  • Interviewing the prospective employee.

Many criminals move from state to state. For assistance determining which national searches will best suit your needs, please visit the Trusted Employees website for Church Mutual policyholders.

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