Safety Posters

Each poster, which communicates at least four safety tips, is 15 inches by 11.5 inches — the perfect size for display in a prominent spot in your worship center, school, camp or senior living facility.

Customers can order all the posters or pick and choose favorites free of charge.

Click here to order our complete collection of Safety Posters or scroll down to view and order posters individually.


How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Hang this poster near your fire extinguishers for a quick how-to reference in case they must be used. Measures 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches high.

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Prevent Back Injuries Poster

Provide your employees and volunteers with tips for preventing back injuries when lifting by hanging this poster in a prominent area.

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Prevent Burglary & Vandalism

Keep your property safe and burglars at bay with strategies that work.

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Prevent Foodborne Illnesses Poster

Prevent illnesses by being mindful of and following these simple procedures when handling food.

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Prevent Kitchen Accidents & Injuries Poster

A helpful reminder for employees and volunteers about the safety precautions they should take while working in the kitchen.

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Prevent Ladder Injuries

This poster offers quick safety tips for employees and volunteers who use ladders in their maintenance work at your organization.

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Prevent Pain and Injury Workstation Ergonomics Poster

Hang this poster near workstations to remind staff to avoid pain and injury by using appropriate ergonomics.

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Prevent Strains & Sprains Poster

Remind employees how to safely lift residents with the quick tips on this poster.

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